The African continent holds around 30% of the world’s known mineral reserves, as well as significant oil and gas reserves. The soil around the river Nile and in Zimbabwe is some of the most fertile soil in the world.

In order to sustain our communities and give security to our partners we are building an international investment club that will partner with local NGO’s and regional Authorities as well as Government agencies. This process has begun and is gaining traction daily.


Those who choose not to repatriate to Africa at this time can also invest through the investment club in any of the key fields we will operate within. This will allow us to create bona fide joint ventures that will bring strong returns while supporting local economies in a major way.

Our main areas of investment will be:

1. Real Estate Development

  • Construction Supplies & Hire

  • Construction contractors

  • Intentional communities

  • Affordable housing units & apartments

  • Guest houses and conference facilities

  • Commercial centres

2. Agriculture

  • Commodities Trading

  • Arable crops

  • Livestock

  • Aquaponics

3. Financial Services

  • Providing low cost Loans

  • Establishment of Credit Unions

4. Mining

  • Mineral Detection

  • Mining Rights

  • Processing

5. Tourism

  • Wildlife Ranches

  • Guided Conservation Tours

  • Holiday Experiences

The investment club will allow members to monitor their investments online and receive monthly and quarterly reports. The assigned proceeds can then be recouped, reinvested or redeemed as part of our intentional community build (Subject to status).

Relatively small amounts of £2,000 - £20,000 invested per venture can greatly improve returns from its present unfunded level while bringing investors typically a higher return than would be available in the west (depending on risk exposure).

In order to sustain the economy and provide a future for ourselves and our partners it is essential that we reinvest in the communities in a forward thinking way that will protect the interests of the indigenous people and begin to stem the tide of foreign control.

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