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10 Breathtaking Waterfalls to See in Zambia.

While Victoria Falls is the big attraction for tourists visiting Zambia, there are really hundreds of other beautiful waterfalls located all around the nation. Check out our travel guide if you need some help deciding what to see and do on your next vacation.

Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambezi River, Southern Province

This spectacular waterfall was known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya ('the smoke that thunders') before it gained worldwide fame. Miles away, you can see the spray from the gorge's waterfalls. From rainforest vantage points, many people are awestruck by this natural splendour. Every plant, tree, and rock has water droplets, and the air is super-fresh and pure.

Ngonye Falls, near Sioma Village, Zambezi River, Western Province

Ngonye also has large flood volumes but over a low, wide drop. For a complete perspective, take a river ferry (canoe) approximately 2km (1.2 miles) downstream from the settlement and then stroll up the river. Low water makes it a good picnic spot.

Kundalila Falls, near Kanona, Kaombe River, Central Province

This 70-metre (229-foot) waterfall is located east of the Great North Road in a scenic setting. The waterfall's gossamer cascade maintains a lush garden around it. At the bottom of the waterfall, you can swim in a crystal-clear pool surrounded by wildflowers. Camping is nearby.

Nyambwezi Falls, near Solwezi Village, Nyambwezi River, North Western Province

This waterfall demonstrates Stone Age occupancy. Near the falls' peak is a rock shelter with old inscriptions. The water flows 20 metres into a pool below. You may camp near the falls south of the Solwezi to Mwinilunga Road (approximately 204km/126 miles).

Kalambo Falls, Kalambo River, near Mbala village, Northern Province

The Kalambo River flows from Zambia into Lake Tanganyika. The falls are 30km from the settlement. Kalambo Falls drop 221 metres (725 ft), making them one of the world's tallest. The Maribou stork nests below the waterfall.

Chisimba Falls, near Kasama, Luombe River, Northern Province

Here are three waterfalls. Bemba people believe the falls are holy and strong. Thus they give sacrifices to the spirits. The nature spirit lives in a cave below Chisimba Falls, a place of worship. On the east bank is a campground, and on the west is a rainforest. Kasama is 33km from the falls.

Mumbuluma Falls, near Mansa town, Mumbuluma River, Northern Province

This 2-step waterfall is 33km from Mansa. Further south on the river, monks maintain a temple fire for Makumba and Ngosi.

Lumangwe, Chipembe & Kabweluma Falls, near Chipembe Pontoon, Kulungwishi River, Northern Province

The Lumangwe waterfall is a small Victoria Falls. This side journey requires a 9km (6-mile) detour off the main route between Kawambwa and Mporokoso. You may stop over at this peaceful spot, which is claimed to be overseen by a Great Snake Spirit.

The falls drop 35 metres and are 100 metres wide. Water sustains a rainforest. The Chipembe Falls are excellent for Bream fishing.

Kabweluma waterfall is 5km (3 miles) downstream from Lumangwe and has three cascades. At the falls' foot lies a wooded valley with prehistoric rock art and rainbows. No dwellings may be erected in this holy area because frogs symbolise snake spirits.

Ntumbachushi Falls, near Kawamba, Ng'ona River, Luapula Province

This waterfall between Kazembe and Kawambwa is perfect for camping. The river generates pools and rapids before the 30-metre waterfall (98 feet). Chiefs bathe in the river, which is thought to have spiritual cleaning effects.

Kundabwika Falls, near Mporokoso, Kulungwishi River, Luapula Province

The main waterfall is 25 metres high and 70 metres broad at full flow. The Chief appoints a caretaker to manage this precious spot for ritual and prayer. Mporokoso is 96km from the waterfalls.

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