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Relatively small amounts of £5,000 - £20,000 invested per venture can improve returns 10 to 20 times from its present unfunded level while bringing investors typically a 200% return within 4 to 10 years (depending on risk exposure). In order to sustain the economy and provide a future for ourselves and our partners it is essential that we reinvest in the communities in a forward thinking way that will protect the interests of the indigenous people and begin to stem the tide of foreign control.


The key benefits to partners in the diaspora of our program are:


  • Business development opportunities

  • Low cost residential plots of land within intentional communities

  • Local cultural knowledge and support.

  • Skills and Training in essential trades and Agriculture

  • Governmental Allowances & Support

  • Health and Wellbeing facilities

  • Tailor Made Recreational Activities including local safari

  • Low repatriation costs

  • Good links across the continent (Zambia borders 8 countries)

  • Low cost Housing built to international standards

  • Independent Education facilities

  • Reduced European interactions

  • Greater community cohesion

  • Supported track to Citizenship

We would like to work with the Zambian people for our pilot project as we believe Zambia has a great environment for holistic success. This pilot project will be studied and used as a blueprint to develop communities across the continent for our mutual benefit


The unity of African people on the continent and in the diaspora will move mountains. We must all learn to want for our brother and sister as we want for ourselves.

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